Now Available

Pay your bill online or have grain payments deposited directly to your bank account!


Through Patron Access, available at, you will now have the ability to pay your account balance online. All you need to do is sign up for Patron Access and fill out the ACH authorization form and return it to us. 
What is Patron Access? Patron Access is your online portal to view information regarding your account from your account balance, individual invoices, proof of yields, grain balances, prepaid balances or equity balances. Now you can even pay your accounts receivable balance online through Patron Access.
If you only want your grain payments direct deposited into your bank account, stop by the main office and pick up an ACH authorization form, or sign up for Patron Access and you can download it from there. 
What is an ACH? An ACH is an electronic transaction between your bank and ours that is initiated by you. You will initiate an ACH for payment of your account simply by logging into Patron Access, viewing your “Account Information,” and clicking on the “ACH Pay Now” icon. If you want to sell grain and have your money direct deposited to your bank account, all you have to do is call the main office to sell your grain and tell them you want it direct deposited. 
What are the advantages of paying your bill or receiving your grain payments through an ACH transaction? Well if you want to pay your bill online you no longer have to write a check or buy stamps, no more wondering if we have received your payment or not. If you would like to have your grain checks directly deposited to your account you no longer have to wait for the mail to get your money, or worry about misplacing a check. It will also allow you to stay in the field longer during busy times of the year, because you won’t have to stop working to take your check to the bank.
For questions regarding Patron Access, or paying your bill online, contact Kelly or Barbie at the main office. For questions regarding having your grain payments deposited directly to your account contact Mike or Gaylene at the main office.
Please click here for ACH Authorization form.