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Wednesday, March 4, 2015  
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  • CORN (Mar 15) 381'2 -0'6 3/4/15   3:35 AM CST
  • CORN (May 15) 389'2 -1'6 3/4/15   4:58 AM CST
  • CORN (Jul 15) 397'4 -1'6 3/4/15   4:51 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Mar 15) 1004'4 -4'2 3/4/15   3:01 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (May 15) 1006'6 -5'4 3/4/15   4:58 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Jul 15) 1012'0 -5'2 3/4/15   4:56 AM CST
  • HARD RED WINTER WHEAT (Mar 15) 525'0 9'4 3/3/15   1:30 PM CST
  • HARD RED WINTER WHEAT (May 15) 530'2 -5'0 3/4/15   4:19 AM CST
  • HARD RED WINTER WHEAT (Jul 15) 537'0 -5'0 3/4/15   4:47 AM CST
  • FEEDER CATTLE (Mar 15) 202.475 - 1.375 3/3/15   3:58 PM CST
  • FEEDER CATTLE (Apr 15) 199.800 - 2.250 3/3/15   3:57 PM CST
  • FEEDER CATTLE (May 15) 197.850 - 2.250 3/3/15   3:35 PM CST
  • LIVE CATTLE (Apr 15) 150.875 - 2.400 3/3/15   3:59 PM CST
  • LIVE CATTLE (Jun 15) 143.400 - 2.125 3/3/15   3:58 PM CST
  • LIVE CATTLE (Aug 15) 141.925 - 1.600 3/3/15   3:33 PM CST
  • DJ INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE (Mar 15) 18184.00 - 62.00 3/3/15   3:17 PM CST
  • DJ INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE (Jun 15) 18180.00 - 61.00 3/3/15   3:17 PM CST
  • DJ INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE (Sep 15) 17617.00 215.00 2/5/15   3:16 PM CST
  • DJ INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE (Dec 15) 17527.00 215.00 2/5/15   3:16 PM CST
  • US TREASURY BOND (Mar 15) 146'26 -0'21 3/3/15   2:02 PM CST
  • US TREASURY BOND (Jun 15) 159'00 -0'26 3/3/15   2:02 PM CST
  • US TREASURY BOND (Sep 15) 157'00 -1'06 3/3/15   2:02 PM CST

Pride Ag Resources will offer an interest free finance program for fertilizer, chemical and application for wheat topdress beginning January 1, 2015. The terms and conditions are as follows:
·    The program is intended for wheat topdress fertilizer.
·    The customer’s account must be current.
·    Any combination of fertilizer, chemical, and custom application are included in the program.
·    Customer accounts on this program are due and payable July 10, 2015.
·    There will be no 2% cash discount at the end of the finance program.
·    The program includes all fertilizers including semi load lots.

For more information contact your local location manager or Agronomist.

Headline News
Homeland Funding Appears on Track 03/03 06:07
Kerry Working on Iran Nuke Deal 03/03 06:20
Japan: TPP Trade Deal With US Doable 03/03 06:11
1st Lady Plans Visit to Japan,Cambodia 03/03 06:08
Afghan Car Bomb Kills 8 03/03 06:17
Egypt Court Suspends Legislative Vote 03/03 06:14
Liberia Calls for Rebuilding Plan 03/03 06:09
US Stocks Fall Broadly Tuesday 03/03 16:00

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3/3/2015 Corn and Wheat Higher Tuesday
2/20/2015 Argentina Update
3/3/2015 Grains Slide Tuesday
3/3/2015 Wide Pattern Variety Tuesday

This Day In History
March 4, 1964
Jimmy Hoffa convicted of jury tampering

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Pride Ag Resources is going Green with our Newsletters.  In order to go Green you will need to submit your email address to our webmaster.  We then will email you a notice the Newsletter has been posted on our website.  Here is a copy of our 2nd quarter Newsletter



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Pride Ag Resources Scholarships


 I am pleased to announce that Pride Ag Resources in support of continued education for its members, is providing five $1000 scholarships.

Eligibility:  Area high school seniors who will be graduating in May of 2015 and will be attending post education at Vo-Tech, Junior College or 4-year College will be eligible to apply.
Application:  Applicants must be children of parents who are members of Pride Ag Resources and will need to apply before April 25th of 2015.  Award money will be paid in two payments each semester to an education facility selected by winners.   Scholarship winners will be announced prior to and will be recognized at the Pride Ag Resources Annual Meeting on May 8th , 2015 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Dodge City, KS.

Committee:  Applicants will be selected by a committee of educators, retired employees, and business leaders.  Scholarships are awarded without regard to race, color, creed, religion, gender, disability, or national origin. Recipients are selected on the basis of academic record, leadership, participation in school and community activities, honors, work experience, and a statement of career and educational goals.
Recipients:  The scholarship winners will need to provide a proof of passing at the end of semester, graduation certificate, and certification of enrollment for the post education selected.  Payment will be made directly to the college after proof of enrollment.

CEO/GM Jerald Kemmerer


To download a PDF version of this application, click here.


Name Exchg Last Chg Time
CORN (@C5H) CBOT 381'2 -0'6 3:35A
CORN (@C5K) CBOT 389'2 -1'6 4:58A
CORN (@C5N) CBOT 397'4 -1'6 4:51A
SOYBEANS (@S5H) CBOT 1004'4 -4'2 3:01A
SOYBEANS (@S5K) CBOT 1006'6 -5'4 4:58A
SOYBEANS (@S5N) CBOT 1012'0 -5'2 4:56A
FEEDER CATTLE (@GF5H) CME 202.475 - 1.375 3:58P
FEEDER CATTLE (@GF5J) CME 199.800 - 2.250 3:57P
FEEDER CATTLE (@GF5K) CME 197.850 - 2.250 3:35P
LIVE CATTLE (@LE5J) CME 150.875 - 2.400 3:59P
LIVE CATTLE (@LE5M) CME 143.400 - 2.125 3:58P
LIVE CATTLE (@LE5Q) CME 141.925 - 1.600 3:33P
DJ INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE (DJ5H) CBOT 18184.00 - 62.00 3:17P
DJ INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE (DJ5M) CBOT 18180.00 - 61.00 3:17P
DJ INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE (DJ5U) CBOT 17617.00 215.00 3:16P
DJ INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE (DJ5Z) CBOT 17527.00 215.00 3:16P
US TREASURY BOND (US5H) CBOT 146'26 -0'21 2:02P
US TREASURY BOND (US5M) CBOT 159'00 -0'26 2:02P
US TREASURY BOND (US5U) CBOT 157'00 -1'06 2:02P

Local Conditions
Dodge City, KS
Chg Zip Code: 
Temp: 21oF Feels Like: 4oF
Humid: 57% Dew Pt: 8oF
Barom: 30.12 Wind Dir: NE
Cond: N/A Wind Spd: 24 mph
Sunrise: 7:06 Sunset: 6:36
As reported at DODGE CITY, KS at 4:00 AM
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2015 Kansas Cooperative Hall of Fame Inductees to be Honored During Special Ceremony



Join us on Wednesday, March 11, as we honor Charles "Charlie" Ross and Larry Scott, this year's inductees into the Kansas Cooperative Hall of Fame.


After the KFSA reception and dinner, we will recognize Mr. Ross posthumously for his visionary leadership in developing long-term power supply solutions for rural Kansas.  Mr. Scott will be honored for advancing a cooperative culture where board training and parliamentary procedures were valued and the co-op was positioned for continued viability, now and in the future.  Mr. Ross' nomination is sponsored by Kansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc., Topeka and Mr. Scott is sponsored by Pride Ag Resources, Dodge City.


The Kansas Cooperative Hall of Fame was established in 1999 to honor individuals in Kansas who have been instrumental in developing and spreading the cooperative philosophy. The Hall of Fame is important for recognizing the contributions of co-op pioneers and honoring those who have gone "above and beyond the call" in advancing the cooperative philosophy.


Both inductees' biographical information will be placed alongside other honorees in the Kansas Cooperative Hall of Fame showcase display at the Kansas State Fairgrounds.  This permanent display, located in the Pride of Kansas Building, highlights the achievements of our state's great co-op leaders and preserves our cooperative history. It also plays a significant role in educating others about the uniqueness of the cooperative business model.


Local Radar
Dodge City, KS
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Committed to giving.
Investing in communities, safety, future leaders—and the world.

     At CHS, we’re committed to creating a strong future—and strong future leaders—for rural America and giving back to our communities with our time, talent and resources.
So far we’ve contributed $8.8 million through the CHS Foundation and Corporate Citizenship. These investments help develop future ag leaders, invigorates our commitment to safety, builds vibrant communities and sustains our environment. And the best part? We’re far from finished.
Learn more through our stewardship report about how CHS gives back to the community. Click here to learn how to apply.

In 2015, CHS will build on its commitment to developing future leaders by awarding more than 300 scholarships to agricultural-studies students, 100 of which will be given to high school students pursuing agricultural-studies degrees. Applications for 2015/2016 are now available. Click here to learn more.


DTN Weather Summary
Mixed Precip Wednesday to South, East
Bryce Anderson (Bio) – DTN Meteorologist

Southern Plains, Delta and Ohio Valley will welcome rain, freezing moisture and snow to alleviate dry conditions. Dry north. » More DTN Weather Commentary

Posted at 2:17PM Tue Mar 3, 2015 CST

5-day Forecast for Dodge City, KS
Change Zip Code: 
Date Wed
Snow Clear Clear Clear Clear
Weather Snow Clear Clear Clear Clear
L/H (°F)
17/27 13/42 21/55 27/55 30/60

L/H (°F)
3/18 3/36 9/55 18/55 22/60
Dew Point
9 12 22 22 26
60 53 47 43 40

13 10 8 8 9
44 - - - -
S: 1-2
L: 0.13
None None None None
0.05 0.09 0.11 0.11 0.13
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